What is a pop up shop?

A pop up shop is a short-term or temporary retail/event space. Brands or individuals take over vacant space for anything from a couple of hours to over a year. Pop up stores and events have been used to launch products, test location, sample markets, increase awareness, shifting stock and testing ideas.

At popupshopup we connect people with ideas with vacant spaces to launch, display and develop those ideas.

What ideas are we talking about? Anything and everything! The possibilities for what could occupy a space are endless. Ideas can be anything from startup t-shirt shops, online retailers to bakeries, fashion shows, bars and so much more, which is what makes popupshopup so exciting. With popupshopup the sky is the limit, whatever you want to create, display or produce we’ll find a space that’s right for you.

The benefits

Brand exposure

Pop up stores are a great way of testing uncharted territory, whether you’re making the transition from online to offline (bricks-and-mortar) or just appearing in a new location.

Connect with your customers

Engage directly with your customer, both new and old. Pop up spaces can be intimate and unique so take advantage of the opportunity to make it a personal experience. It also offers the chance to get some valuable and honest feedback.

The benefits

Cost effective

Now anyone can have a store presence. Forget the days of long term, complex leasing. Select the space that matches your budget be it 1 day, 1 week or 1 year.

Test a location

Reduce your risk with a ‘try before you buy’ approach. Before committing to a longer lease or a permanent shop why not test it out? Get to know the space and the surrounding community.

The benefits

Test a product

Launching a new product? Now you can gauge and test public interest before investing further. Test your market and research the public’s reaction.

Generate excitement

The phrase ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ springs to mind when discussing pop up shops. Take advantage of this, generate a buzz and create something special for the public to engage with. Word of mouth will be your new best friend.

Don’t just take our word for it

Pop up shops have been a huge success all over the world and now it’s time to take it further. See what others are saying about the pop up movement.

We need to expand our business. We want to sell more. We wanted to get our name out and let people know that we are here.

"Pop-up shops are the future due to the high retail rents."

"We don’t view them as a threat to other retailers, they provide diversity in our retail mix and bring people to the city with the intention to shop."

"We feel the city should embrace them as a means of bringing fresh, exciting and unique offerings to our community."

"Empty shops and changing consumer culture over the past decade have created a “booming pop-up retail economy."

"It’s a genius way to reach out and get immediate product feedback from the people that actually use your product, and not in a corporate setting in any way shape or form."

"Australian retail property owners lost $5.4 billion in forgone rent last year for their unused space and vacant shopfronts."

"It was just kind of a fun space for us to really experiment."

"The business model is innovative in a way, and that’s because you can now start a company on the internet, and there’s this intermediate step between a brick-and-mortar where you pop up and have this tactile, real experience."

"You’re going to have a chance to experience brands unlike you have before. Being that they’re going to be in your hands,in your face and in your minds and on your phone all at once, and all at one time."

"Inefficiency with the retail market rental process, coupled with an abundance of supply over demand in the real estate market, has created a sweet spot for short-term renting and independent businesses or artists looking to experiment with temporary storefronts."

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